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Did you know that you are potentially losing thousands of dollars in profits every month by over paying electric utility companies?
Here at Power Efficiency Systems are only business is helping our customers save money on their monthly electric bill using our PowerLink Product Line.  Using our patented analytics we are able to accurately predict the savings our customers will enjoy.
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One of the most overlooked items in energy saving today is Power Factor Correction. Having a Low Power Factor can lead to high energy costs, poor reliability of equipment, excessive heat buildup and can even pose safety issues in the workplace.
Facilities that operate with pumps, compressors, fans, and similar "reactive power" equipment suffer from deficient Power Factor (PF), in the use of their electricity. This can substantially reduce the longevity of your equipment, strain power delivery equipment, result in inefficient use of the power, and increase your power costs.
Modern power systems grow more complicated each year, as electronics and new devices enter the scene. Sometimes they can cause power quality problems at your facility. We bring decades of experience which will help identify and solve power factor issues. Our experts can diagnose the root cause of problems, perform a power quality study to mitigate or eliminate the problems, and implement power quality solutions to resolve the issues.
Our systems combine proprietary, patented, cutting edge technology to achieve the greatest energy efficiency possible. Our analysis and equipment can correct the power factor at your facility, which will allow you to eliminate power factor charges on your bill. Many utilities add additional charges to your bill if the power factor is lower than the threshold value listed in the utility’s electric tariff. For example, many customers with a power factor below 90% are charged an additional power factor charge or tariff by the utility, Duke Energy is one of them. Typical large commercial buildings operate at about 82-85% power factor, and many industrial facilities record power factors as low as 60-85%. The power factor correction is typically applied to the kilowatt demand segment of the utility bill, and may significantly increase the delivery portion of the monthly electric bill.
Power factor charges can result in a 5-15% or greater increase to the electric bill. We can eliminate these charges with equipment designed by our expert staff. A PF correction project can provide several advantages, including:
  • Eliminate expensive added charges
  • Increase electric power equipment capacity, such as transformers or load center panels
  • Improve voltage to electric loads and smooth out power quality variations
  • Reduce resistance losses in the customer’s power distribution system.
We can analyze your monthly electric bills, visit the facility to properly design the equipment and installation, and make a turnkey proposal to eliminate monthly power factor charges. This might include a new electric power pole equipped with power factor capacitor equipment mounted near the incoming utility meter, a metal-enclosed capacitor system positioned in the main electric room of the facility or equipment at individual motors. We provide a written proposal that identifies the estimated monthly power factor costs, the project total cost, and economic indicators. We can also implement a proposed power factor correction project, structured to meet your needs. This process can be for equipment and engineering support only, or can include installation and commissioning (turnkey) services with a single-source of responsibility.

A PES electrical power analysis is the Way to Go for Savings!

Other PES Services:

         Retro-fit or new installation LEDs.

         Custom built Solar Power installations.

         Savings analysis and action plans on the electrical commodities.

         Electric monitoring on utility metering data.


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