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Power Efficiency Systems provides a complete power factor correction service designed to pinpoint the cause of low power factors and other electrical deficiencies inflating your bottom-line costs.
First, we provide a forensic report to establish whether or not you might have a problem, if so we provide an on-site forensic analysis of your electrical system using our proprietary, patented, cutting-edge technology. This leads to a solution that is value engineered, custom to your needs and detailed to your return-on-investment (ROI) based on guaranteed savings.
  • Maximum power demand
  • Increase electric power equipment capacity (% volume of supply capacity used or unused)
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Measures reactive power (Electrical Transmission Companies charge for excessive use of reactive power).
  • Fluctuations dips and swells from load switching
  • How the load is balanced
  • Potential savings report
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Low power factor is common when Inductive Loads are present in an electrical circuit.
Equipment such as motors, arc lamps, lights, and transformers are all Inductive Loads.
Harmonic currents are another cause of low power factor produced by LEDs and VFD motors.
Harmonic currents alone contribute nothing to the power supply system but do lower the power factor.
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The Reactive Power charges found on your electricity bill are directly targeted against those companies who do not demonstrate clear energy efficiency use.
Reactive power charges can be made significantly smaller by the introduction of Power Factor Correction which is a recognized method of reducing an electrical load and minimising wasted energy, improving the overall efficiency of a plant and machinery so reducing the electricity bill.
Following an on-site survey a detailed report that will clearly show if this technology is feasible and will work for you, normally turned around in 21 days post receipt of proprietary, patented, cutting-edge sizing and data-logging equipment.
It’s that simple.
By using a device to identify the power factor of your plant or factory’s equipment, you can realize substantial savings, improve the efficiency of your electrical equipment, and help prevent shutdowns or delays due to overheating machinery. It may take some preliminary analysis and/or investment in energy-efficient equipment, but you can realize long-term energy savings by measuring your facility’s power factor and applying suitable PF correction techniques.

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The Power Efficiency Systems technicians were very professional and communicated very well with our team throughout the entire installation process.

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