What is your Power Factor?
Or Do You Just Pay It?

Would you buy equipment that would improve your power factor if we show you how it will save you substantial money by using less electric power?

  • 75% of commercial and industrial companies buy more electric power than they need because their electric motors run inefficiently. We sell equipment that eliminates this waste!

  • We also analyze your electric bills to find hidden penalties or charges that could be reduced in several ways. Know your electric costs – all of them.

  • What does it cost for Power Efficiency Systems to inspect your facilities to see how much you can save? Nothing, just call us and we can arrange analysis of your bills and if warranted, test your facility to estimate exactly how much we will save you.

  • On-site tests are performed by our personnel, with no business interruption, and at no cost or obligation to you. Analysis of your bills to uncover other methods of power use or cost reduction are also done free of charge.

  • We can lower most clients’ electric power costs by 25%.

  • Can we take a free look at yours? Our no obligation policy makes it easy for you – find out if you are buying more power than you need – and what you can do about it.

There are two ways to save energy costs –


Call us today to see what we can do to help you with both.

The future is here, and you can save money today with Power Factor Correction and proper management of your electric bill. We will cut your electric costs now. And with creative financing and short ROIs, you can have no out of pocket expense. Save now with PES and Power Factor Correction.
And you’ll do it all with the money you’re spending “anyway”. . .

Our Company Provides:

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Innovative electrical Power Factor management
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Combined proprietary, patented, cutting-edge technology systems
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United States manufactured and assembled products
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Remote meter monitoring and advanced analytics software
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Integration capabilities with support of LEDs, hydro generators, stand alone power plant systems, solar energy products, phase unbalance protection, sensors, load centering and/or surge protection

From analysis and consultation to turnkey design, installation, and long-term monitoring, we provide a single-source solution, customized specifically to meet your needs. We are a knowledgeable partner that will supply smart solutions for your facility. Power Efficiency Systems is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. We work throughout the United States and around the world to help our clients diagnose issues with their electric power systems, equipment processes, and to implement projects that resolve issues and obtain savings they need and require.

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(The Key to Business Success)

Your electric bill can be a great source of savings…IF you know where to look
Our analysis has found a 10% to 20% savings in 7 out of 10 cases
The analysis is FREE without any obligation. . .
There are two ways to save money on energy:
         1.  Use Less
         2.  Pay Less for What You Use 
The following examples are actual clients* using less and saving money:

5 Year Savings



Equipment Cost

Yearly Savings

ROI (months)



Sports Mall












Non-Profit Club






Machine Tool






High School






Convenience Store






Machine Tool






Beer Distributor






Window Mfg.






Commercial Bakery






Social Club






Auto Dealership






Grocery Store




We have 31 other companies in process
as of 10/2018 that include:

Auto Dealers                                Commercial Bakeries
Beer Distributors                                Service Stations
IGA’s                                Schools
Hospitals                                Machine Shops / CNC Milling
Convenient Stores                                Extrusion Plants
Asphalt Plants                                Truck/Auto Lighting

*Names of our clients are available upon request and with client’s permission
There are additional proven savings realized that are unquantified. These stem from a reduction of heat which results in less maintenance and longer equipment life.


Hi Milt:
Here is our latest Duke Bill. Without analyzing usages, it looks pretty good compared to previous.
August bills:
   8/2015 - $9,780.46
      (Main PowerLink system install, 2/2016)
   8/2016 - $8,110.24
      (2nd install covering new mechanical, 5/2017)
   8/2017 - $7,741.81

Neal Tochtermann, CFO - email 9/11/17


In the Fall of 2008, Imagine School at North Port began an environmental initiative to increase student awareness of how our behavior toward consumption and fossil fuel energy use affect the local and global ecology. As part of this initiative, our school researched ways we could increase our recycling and reduce our energy consumption. One of our very own local community business, Energy Solutions Group, responded to our initiative and performed an energy usage survey on our elementary school campus. To our surprise, Energy Savings Solutions found that our power usage could be reduced by as much as 30%, therefore reducing the school's fossil fuel usage and overall carbon footprint in the environment. After installing the custom made PowerLink E-Box units, our school experienced not only a reduction in power use, but also a reciprocal savings on our monthly bill totaling between 15 and 30% of our previous bills. Our school's Governing Board was so impressed with the savings that in July 2010 we proactively had the units placed on our new middle school campus. Between both campuses, our estimated power savings on average is 20%, and our monthly cost savings ranges between $2,000 and $4,000. Should you require any further information on this outstanding product and our school's business partner, Energy Solutions Group, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Justin H. Matthews - Principal, Imagine School at North Port